Families and Politics

What is a Families and Politics Workshop?

Family relationships are becoming casualties of our toxic polarized environment. Family members are having nasty political arguments, avoiding each other, or even cutting off lifetime relationships.

If you want to preserve important family bonds while still being true to your values and political beliefs, this workshop is for you!

Although the focus is on family relationships, you can use strategies in this workshop with any loved one. You’ll laugh and have some fun in this workshop—it won’t be all serious. After all, we all come from quirky families

The Families and Politics workshop requires participants to complete a 40-minute interactive course online before taking part in a  group session that runs approximately 2 hours long.


  • Insight into why family differences over politics are uniquely challenging. 
  • Recognition of common roles that family members play in political conversations (for example, the Gladiator, the Defender, and the Sniper)
  • Strategies and skills for handling family political differences in a constructive way.
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