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About the Depolarizing Within Workshop
This workshop is one of several interactive skills-based workshops offered by Braver Angels. This particular one is three hours in length and will be held over Zoom and in select local communities, where you’ll be able to participate with others to learn strategies for engaging in difficult conversations about politics without demonizing people who hold differing opinions and views, and constructively intervene in conversations with like-minded peers.
Next Steps:
Browse available workshops and select a date to attend. If you are part of a faith community or group, you may wish to host a Depolarizing Within Faith-Sponsored Workshop (FSW).
To learn more about what is covered in this workshop, take the eCourse for the workshop which should take you about 40 minutes.
Once you select the date that you want to attend, please invite a group you are connected with to attend with you (for ex., friends, colleagues, family members, work group, faith group, etc.). You may use the Sample Invitation Letter to invite others to join. The invitations should go out 3 – 4 weeks in advance of the event.
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