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Create Your Own Event or Action Step

For this action step, you and/or your group will select your own depolarizing event or action step you would like to do. Then you invites people of your choice to do the action with you.

Action examples include participating in a 1:1 depolarizing conversation with someone, hosting a living room conversation, putting on an offering from your own organization that fits with depolarization, writing a letter to the editor about what you are learning about depolarization, exploring offerings from Braver Angels with some friend and attending something together, joining an already existing Braver Angels alliance, or starting a local discussion group to talk about topics of interest in a respectful way.

We will support you every step of the way. If you would like to commit to this action to support Rise For America, please fill out the form below. Once completed, we’ll direct you to the information and tools for this action.

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