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Becoming a member of Braver Angels is about more than just paying dues – it’s about taking action.

Membership enables you to live out the mission of Braver Angels by connecting you to thousands of other members across the political spectrum and giving you access to our signature volunteer trainings and opportunities so you can bring our work to your community.

What brings you to Braver Angels?

Each of our members has their own personal reasons for engaging in our work. Here are just a few of them.

“I love the fact we’re turning politics on its head, tearing it apart, and rebuilding it in a whole new way.

– Hilary Young

“When you are in a room with a person, you see them, you’re listening to their beliefs. It’s much easier to understand where they’re coming from than 140 characters on Twitter.”

– Jacob Bombard (Blue)

“Braver Angels plays a role in protecting our national security because it teaches people how to communicate even when they don’t have the same perspective.”

– Tedman Getschman (Red)

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