Marisa Guttoso on LinkedIn: The importance of Civil Discourse

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Read this heartfelt essay from our red Sacramento Alliance co-chair, and co-chair of last year’s National Convention in St. Louis, Marisa Guttoso:

“I was initially drawn to this work after seeing firsthand the harmful affects of polarization within my church community, social circles and even among family members. The conversations shifted from..

“I don’t agree with you on xyz topic.


“You are ignorant.


“I believe you want to harm the country….

“What I love about Braver Angels workshops is that you can come with your own perspective and views on various topics, and you get to leave with those same views and opinions. But what happens in most cases is that you realize you have more in common with your political “foe” than you might think. There IS common ground, if you take the time to engage in civil discussions not fueled by media stereotypes. Yes, the echo chamber exists and it’s strong…on both sides.”

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