This Book Is Not a Safe Space: The Unintended Harm of Political Correctness

Corinna Fales | 2020
Posted in: Bridging Divides
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What makes a lifelong activist, who has promoted diversity and social justice since childhood, contend that political correctness undermines inclusion and hurts the people it is intended to protect? In This book is NOT a safe space, I tell you—in a punchy, funny, personal way—how I realized that PC is a booby-trap. My parents’ families were murdered by the Nazis, and I grew up at the first Historically Black College/University before desegregation. I visited migrant camps as a girl, went to jail for civil rights, and slept in my bathtub to avoid the National Guard’s bullets when Newark exploded in 1967. In 1968, I protested the Vietnam War, was thrown into Cook County Jail, and became an unindicted co-conspirator of the Chicago 7. To find out why I – a still-active #MeToo woman – think that PC is perilous, and discover what I propose as a way forward, read between these covers.