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The Challenge

Partisan political conflict is tearing apart American communities.  Beyond simply disagreeing on the issues, many now hold contempt for those with different views. The result is divided communities, broken relationships, and paralysis at every level of government.

Is your organization feeling the impact of toxic polarization? Even communities whose members have strong, long-standing bonds find they are not immune to this national scourge.

Within some civic organizations, even as they work well together toward the betterment of society, some struggle with emerging internal conflict over such issues as vaccine and mask protocols, local government and school board issues, and displays of open support for opposing candidates. Some groups have long-standing policies against partisan politics, leaving leaders hesitant to confront growing tensions. Even in organizations where political hostility is not an internal challenge, there is a growing feeling of urgency about the country’s current division. 

Within some religious congregations, despite deeply-held shared values and beliefs, some have begun to experience discord. Members may have strong and differing ideas about social policy, race relations, gun regulations, and other critical problems facing the country. As they strive to live out their faith, they seek ways to strengthen congregational cohesion. And even in faith communities not suffering from internal discord, there is a deep calling to draw from their spiritual teachings to help heal the country.

The Opportunity

Is your organization experiencing strife, searching for a proven approach to humane, respectful engagement across divergent viewpoints? Do your leaders and members want to be able to manage tension constructively as it emerges? 

Or, does your organization want to learn how to teach and model this approach? Do your leaders and members want to help people in your wider community adopt methods for interacting across their differences with humanity and respect? 

Braver Angels can help you develop the capacity to bring healing to relationships broken by political division. When community organizations join our network of Community Partners, they gain the tools, resources and support they need to be part of the solution to this national crisis. 


The Community Partners Team will help you choose from a broad range of options for involvement, drawing from your group’s own style and objectives, pacing your activities and events to fit within your own calendar, selecting from the various Braver Angels offerings available for group participation.


  • Your organization may be at an exploratory level, with some members unsure about engaging in bridge-building work around political differences. You might simply introduce your members to Braver Angels’ mission and programs, provide information, and direct them to the website for more. Maybe you’ll want to invite a Braver Angels leader to come in to speak and answer their questions. 
  • Your group may want a more interactive experience, and want to get involved at the engagement level. Your group is on board for hosting a series events, like our workshops, debates, and skills training sessions. You might organize members to attend one of our national Zoom events and gather for discussion afterwards. You may want to meet your local Braver Angels field leaders, and attend a Braver Angels event in your community. Or you can have a trained Braver Angels moderator come in to conduct a session!
  • Maybe your group — or a core group within it — wants to dive deeper and work with us to co-design a collaboration meant to develop your organization’s capacity as a depolarization resource.  Some members may become interested in pursing our Community Leader Program training. We can work together to co-create a project weaving your group’s unique traditions, insight, and strengths, with Braver Angels’ approach, expertise and experience.


Regardless of your level of engagement, you will become part of an exciting nationwide network of local community organizations like yours. You’ll have opportunities to share experiences, trade ideas, commiserate, and encourage each other; a network of peers, each learning to proactively face the challenge of toxic political polarization, bringing their own wisdom and abilities to our shared mission of healing the divide in this country.. 

What Does It Mean To Be
A Braver Angels Community Partner?

  • Community Partners work with our team to develop an individualized plan for partnering, based on your organization’s own culture, goals, and capacity.
  • Your leaders receive assistance, ideas, and support from the Community Partners Team, and are provided a menu of options for working with Braver Angels.
  • Partnering options offer a wide range of engagement levels, from having our speakers come in, to taking workshops and trainings, to co-designing a collaborative project.
  • Our partners have access to Braver Angels materials, training, resources, and support.
  • Our partners are introduced to Braver Angels leaders in their area.
  • Beyond the requirement that at least one of your members joins Braver Angels (@$12/yr), there is no cost to joining our network of partners.  
  • Community Partners are welcome to publicize their partnership with Braver Angels, and will be listed on our website as part of our network. 

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