Applications are now open for the 2024 Braver Angels Convention. Apply Now.
Apply now for the 2024 Braver Angels Convention.

America's Public Forum

America’s Public Forum is Braver Angel’s premier national online speaker event series.
The events happen weekday evenings over Zoom and are open to all, and are sometimes held in partnership with our friends at American Purpose, Pepperdine University’s American Project, and other friends in the public discourse.

What We Do

The APFs aim to bridge the worlds of dedicated grassroots depolarization work and thoughtful public intellectualism, to make room for thoughtful discourse on all issues of interest to American politics and culture, between folks representing all corners of the American political spectrum and every walk of life. These are often scholars, journalists, and activists, and sometimes have included elected officials, and other times have included talented members of our own community. The APFs strive to leaven and elevate the relationship between expert and citizen, and to bring together thinkers who might otherwise never have had the space to engage across ideological, institutional, and disciplinary divides. As with all Braver Angels programs, the APFs seek to model the habits of humility, charitableness, goodwill, and thoughtful insight that American democracy and the life of the mind alike display at their bests, and in doing so explore the great issues of public life in the present day.

Recent Events

Contact Us

If you are interested in finding out more about the APF program, attending forthcoming forums, or becoming a volunteer, please contact Luke Nathan Phillips, the APF Program Director, at . APF’s are posted on Eventbrite and the BA Website calendar as they are planned, and always will be in the subscriber newsletters beforehand!

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