Gabriella Timmis

The numbers are in…

As the leader of the Braver Angels Evaluation Team, I’m excited to say that the numbers are in, and we can report that our workshops are proven to help depolarize Americans.

Our new homepage is live!

Following the Braver Angels Way doesn’t only count when we’re in a workshop, at a debate, or attending an alliance meeting. It matters in everything we do. So when we decided to redesign our website, we knew we needed a well-balanced team of Reds, Blues, and Others to work on it together.

We won’t forget what happened in Gettysburg

On Wednesday, nearly 700 delegates — equally divided between Red and Blue — gathered in Gettysburg at the 2023 Braver Angels Convention. We came together to bridge the partisan divide, bring a spirit of goodwill to our politics, and spark a movement that’s larger than our organization alone.

Support Braver Angels' Work In 2024

This holiday season, help strengthen our national citizens' movement as we prepare for a critical moment in the history of the Republic.
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