Arthur Brooks and the Transformational Power of Love

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Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr. talk to Arthur Brooks, the President of the American Enterprise Institute and the author of the recently-published “Love Your Enemies,” about his new book, antidotes to polarization, and the transformational power of love amidst today’s social-media-fueled rancor.

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This article, however, features speakers across a racial rather than a partisan divide. For this conversation, the white speaker is Cameron Swallow, a Braver Angels leader and local bluegrass musician in Wisconsin. The Black speaker is Austin Willacy, a professional songwriter, musician, and activist near Oakland, California.

1 thought on “Arthur Brooks and the Transformational Power of Love”

  1. Thank you Braver Angels! I’m getting the book and just learned that my local library is hosting an event. So glad I found you. In the words of Bono, “In the name of love.”

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