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Mission Statement
To promote robust representation, empowerment, and advocacy for all ethnic communities and raise awareness about their unique experiences, perspectives, and challenges.
Vision Statement
Our vision is a society that acknowledges its diverse roots, champions the voices of its people, and thrives on the principles of justice, equity, and shared prosperity. Together, as Braver Angels, we rise.
We Believe
We strongly believe in the power of mentorship, leadership development, and positive direct action to build bridges, heal divides, and foster civic renewal. Our commitment is to create a society where every ethnicity is celebrated, every voice makes a difference, and we are stronger as a community.
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Why Join The Braver Angels of Color Caucus?

Join the Angels of Color Caucus, and experience amplified representation in the Civic Renewal Movement. Unite for empowerment, engage in holistic dialogues, access grassroots service-learning opportunities, and expand your network with influential figures. Benefit from mentorship, champion diverse narratives, influence pivotal policies, and directly shape groundbreaking initiatives like the ‘League of Angels.’ Being part of the caucus means you’re not just joining a group but actively shaping an inclusive journey towards a more perfect union.

We strive to become the influential voice for all ethnic groups, championing the rights, interests, and needs of each ethnicity.

We foster an environment where respectful dialogue, which acknowledges and appreciates the unique experiences and perspectives of varied ethnic backgrounds, is the norm.

We are committed to endorsing policies and programs that enhance social justice, economic parity, improved health outcomes, and accessible education for all ethnicities.

We take responsibility for enlightening and raising awareness about the diverse challenges faced by different ethnic communities.


We leverage our collective power to steer change within Braver Angels and beyond, ensuring that the voices of all ethnicities are heard and considered in our decision-making processes.

We are dedicated to fostering leadership among individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds, helping them navigate effectively within our organization and advocate for their communities

Have an interest in joining the Angels of Color Caucus? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a member of our leadership in 24 hours.

What's New With the Angels of Color Caucus?

In this defining moment, we stand united, propelled by the spirit of the BA Way and the principles of Civic Renewal, eagerly embracing the continuous wave of this transformative movement. We understand the power of community, as our nation faces division and challenges. We rally together, demonstrating that our shared humanity rises above our differing political stances.

The second wave of the Civic Renewal movement invites a deeper introspection. More than acknowledging our shared human experience, it’s about proactively fostering an environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued. It’s about championing not just unity but active collaboration, taking actionable steps to bridge divides and solve pressing community challenges.

Reconnecting with each other brings about a profound sense of joy, reminding us of the inherent beauty in our diverse tapestry. We’ve journeyed from recognizing the adverse effects of polarization to actively working against them, understanding that unity isn’t about uniformity, but about celebrating our differences with mutual respect and empathy.

Our aim transcends beyond politics, embracing a higher calling of civic spirituality. As we navigate disagreements and align on shared values, our vision remains undeterred: to manifest a nation reflective of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “beloved community” and the Founders’ aspiration of a “more perfect Union.”

Political balance remains central to our cause, ensuring every voice, be it Red, Blue, or independent, is equally represented. This second wave deepens our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring our movement isn’t just reflective of America but actively shapes its narrative.

Civic Renewal’s essence is deeply personal. The second wave reinforces the belief that for society to transform, individuals must first change. This ongoing journey of self-improvement ensures we become beacons of the values we champion.

With individuals as catalysts, the ripple effect on institutions is profound. Our renewed commitment sees us engaging diverse sectors, understanding their unique needs, and working towards holistic transformations.

  • In April 2023, we asked: “How can we change the game in front of people’s eyes to show them what doing the work looks like?” Today, we unveil an answer, actualized through the groundbreaking “League of Angels” initiative. A synergistic alliance between the League TV Network and the Braver Angels Snohomish County Alliance, this venture embodies the second wave’s spirit.
  • The “League of Angels” goes beyond collaboration; it’s a beacon of hope, leveraging the power of media and grassroots activism. Through this union, we amplify marginalized voices, reinforcing that every story matters. The initiative’s diverse activities, from public engagements to media narratives, illuminate Civic Renewal in action, setting a gold standard for communities nationwide.
  • Our journey from pondering solutions in April to manifesting them today is not merely about answering a question. It encapsulates our unwavering commitment to Civic Renewal, illuminating a path forward, marked by collaboration, understanding, and transformative action. Together, we’re not just envisioning a brighter future; we’re actively creating it.

How does the Braver Angels of Color Caucus handle conflict ?

  1. Early Identification: Members are encouraged to identify conflicts early and address them directly whenever possible.

  2. Reporting: If direct resolution is not feasible or effective, the conflict should be reported to a designated mediator or Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC).

  1. A neutral mediator may be designated by either party in conflict or by the CRC.

  2. The mediator must have no vested interest in the outcome and must be agreed upon by both parties.

  3. Angels of Color Caucus Mediation: Alternatively, a member of the Angels of Color Caucus leadership team can be appointed to host a mediation session. This option aims to “Call-in” both organizations or individuals in an environment where grievances, curiosities, and triggering issues or circumstances can be resolved the BA WAY.

  1. Submission of Request: A Conflict Resolution Request Form must be completed by the party seeking resolution.

  2. Initial Assessment: The mediator or CRC will assess the conflict to determine if it falls within the scope of this policy and decide on the course of action.

  3. Conflict Resolution Meeting: A meeting will be scheduled where both parties can present their views. The meeting will be facilitated by the neutral mediator or an appointed member of the Angels of Color Caucus leadership team, as applicable.

  4. Documentation: All discussions, agreed upon resolutions, and action plans will be documented.

  5. Implementation: The agreed upon resolutions will be implemented by the respective parties.

  6. Follow-Up: A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to assess the effectiveness of the resolution.

  • State your views without fear: This is especially important in conflicts. Hiding your true feelings or concerns can lead to greater issues later on.

  • Engage others with honesty, dignity, and respect: Even in conflict, especially in conflict, these principles must guide our behavior.

  • Welcome disagreement as an opportunity for growth: Conflict is often the soil in which greater understanding and deepening of relationships can occur.

Violations of this policy, including failure to comply with an agreed-upon resolution, can result in further mediation, reporting to the executive board, or reevaluation of partnership status.

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