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Trust & the Election: Left, Right & Center | Wilfred Reilly, Shouvik Banerjee & Chris Paul with John Wood, Jr.


America is more than half a year removed from the 2020 election. Most Trump voters still suspect voter fraud determined the outcome. The vast majority of Biden voters think such ideas are off the wall. Many Americans, meanwhile, believe that media bias and the practices of Big Tech are the real corruptors of American elections.

Can left, right and center reason together about the 2020 election? Can we come together to discover why we believe what we believe?

Braver Angels national ambassador John Wood, Jr. brings together political scientist Wilfred Reilly (Taboo and Hate Crime Hoax), digital entrepreneur Shouvik Banerjee (AverPoint), and podcaster Chris Paul (Be Reasonable) to find out in this special edition of the Braver Angels Podcast. With arguments for and against voter fraud from across the political spectrum, we prove that even the hardest conversations can be had in the Braver Angels way.

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2 thoughts on “Trust & the Election: Left, Right & Center | Wilfred Reilly, Shouvik Banerjee & Chris Paul with John Wood, Jr.”

  1. Teresa MacPhail

    Thanks for doing this podcast. I lean Right and joined Braver Angels to try and help tamp down the hate and rhetoric/lies put forth as American division. Unfortunately I was also a signature verification judge. I live in CO and saw firsthand the errors made during the election….I submitted my affidavit. I am not a Q-Kraken-Trumpster…I am likely never going to trust another election in the country. Voters here did not have to prove citizenship, the computer system glitches were profound and never explained, ballots were harvested and signed by the same person over and over again. The country needs a country-wide forensic examination of the election results.

  2. I hope that “Braver Angels” can help the united States achieve an election and voter integrity that Our Nation has not yet experienced. Democracy depends on this.

    I share this believing that most “Citizens” would not engage in voter fraud. But what is hurting Us is the few that are of dishonest nature and think nothing of destroying the Truth of The Vote in the name of winning. It is these that We The People have to bring under control…somehow…someway.

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