Should Donald Trump Be Convicted? | Lawrence Mead & William Galston with Ciaran O’Connor

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The U.S. Senate must decide whether to convict Donald Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors in the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Two intellectual heavyweights on opposite sides of the aisle join host Ciaran O’Connor for a penetrating exchange. The conversation begins with the merits and constitutionality of Trump’s second impeachment and ends with a deeper discussion of the role of cultural and racial grievance in political polarization—and how we might move forward together.

Lawrence Mead is a conservative political scientist, an author, and a professor of politics and public policy at New York University. William Galston is a former professor at the University of Maryland, a former policy advisor to President Bill Clinton, and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute who writes a column for The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter: @BillGalston, @braverangels

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8 thoughts on “Should Donald Trump Be Convicted? | Lawrence Mead & William Galston with Ciaran O’Connor”

  1. Interesting dialog between two perspectives that really agreed on more than they disagreed. I enjoyed that it went beyond just the subject of impeachment, but dealt with actual policy of the Trump administration and identified why we have some of the more extreme polarization between groups.

  2. I am an old “Radical Progressive” that advocates severe changes in the way the United States practices Governance. I frequently Think of myself as a Good solid “Middle Of The Roader”, because I support some of the Ideals embraced on “The Right” and on “The Left”. but members of “The Right” (Conservative/Republican/Capitalist and More) will always think of me as being a “Left Wing/Socialist …if not Communist, Person) The members of what is referred to as “The Left”, put up with me a little Better, because they are used to the Ideas of the “Lunatic Fringe” and find this part of Society sometimes useful, in their Revolution Efforts. I share this in the Hopes that it will help give some orientation in my following reactive comments to this “Braver Angels” discussion.

    Ciaran O’Conner begins His fine job of moderating this discussion by speaking about Ex-President Donald Trump’s comments regarding the “Semi-Radical Right’s” struggle to overturn and reverse what they consider to be “Election Fraud” that robbed them of a second Presidency of their Beloved Leader. In the news reports that I have seen Donald Trump’s exhortations and comments were only abstractly “violent”. The two words I remember are “Fight!” and “Take Back”. Words used by Humanity since the first piece of meat was stolen off the spit in the misty beginnings of Our Species. I don’t think Donald Trump’s use of those words warrants any particular condemnation from the rest of Us. What probably should be done, is the punishment of those that interpreted his words to mean, “Break down, break in, damage Our property, build a gallows, beat up and kill Law Enforcement Citizens, trash hallways and offices, and seek Members of Senate and Congress and Our Vice President while chanting “kill Pelosi, or Pence”…the solutions of Some of the Radical Right. This is what needs to be addressed and corrected. Ex-President Trump did not say for any of this to be done…specifically. He should not be blamed for His Follower’s interpretations and actions. Though He might be blamed for not stopping them. It is hard to believe that He did not know what was going on in His name. Impeachment could be justified, because of this. But, as We Know, this is over with. Focus on the “bad” action. I Think this is being done.

    I Think this is quite enough for a comment right now. I’ll go back to the video and learn what is developing there. Maybe I will have more to offer for this “Bridge Building”.


    An excellent discussion of some of the underlying threads of dissension in our society! I look forward to hearing these gentlemen discuss possible ways forward.

  4. Whew! Finished the uh “Pod Cast”. Overall reaction? A Profound, Illuminating and Well Done Discussion!!! It has the Idea Skills, Moderation and Balance, that I am hungry for in today’s Political and Social Evolutionary Interactions of Our United States Nation! It has the essential Willingness to seek the Common Ground of Agreement between the opposed viewpoints. I find this very helpful in my own learning and growth.

    I am so very glad that I found and joined “Braver Angels”. It really seems to be a way out of the emotionally distorted maelstrom of conflicting opinion and Ideology that strains Our Society.

    There are so many points to consider in these productive exchanges.

    Quickee Responses:

    Can We not uncover the root causes as to why Our Industrial Base is being neglected?

    Today’s “Deferences” developed out of yesterday’s “neglect”. The swinging pendulum indicates that its the turn of Minorities to have their day in the Sun. Let Us see what they will do with that. Meanwhile let Us attend to Our Own “Betterment” as Responsible Citizens. Let Us strengthen that which could be called “Virtues” in Ourselves…increasing the power of Right over Wrong in Our Nation.

    I’ll stop here. But there is so much to respond to in this one “pod cast”.

    Thank you for making it. It is valuable.

  5. Virgil M Torbert, Jr

    I have a better understanding of how some Trump White supporters think. They see themselves as the ones who have been deprived. This I think is a good example of the problem we face. There are 2 realities, one real and one imagined I dont know how to address this problem

  6. Here’s what’s missing in our polity: the kind of discussion that presumes and then instantiates a common ground in the common good.

    1. So where does that kind of discussion come from? It seems that we have to presume it to get it established — but if it’s only available in rare contexts like this one, how can we presume it? Where is the infrastructure for common ground?

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