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About Braver Angels Debates

The Debate Team facilitates our Braver Angels Debates. The Debate Chair leads the debate, and the Debate Whip supports the Chair and the participants.

Our special parliamentary format encourages everyone to speak or ask questions, ensures civility in disagreement, and strives for learning and better understanding for all. The online version works in much the same way, modified to foster constructive debate Coast to Coast.

In all our debates, we use resolutions that might be controversial to encourage speeches from both sides. Unlike some of our workshops, these are not associated with Red and Blue, but Pro and Con. Online Debates take place via Zoom conference call, moderated by a trained Debate Chair.

To learn more, you can watch a past debate here, or read this document, which explains more about the philosophy behind and format for our debates. In addition, to learn more about our college debate program, go to this link.

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