Presenting The Reunited States | Director Ben Rekhi & Erin Leaverton with Ciaran O’Connor & John Wood, Jr.

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The Reunited States is a groundbreaking documentary film by filmmaker Ben Rekhi, executive produced by Van Jones and Meghan McCain. The documentary follows the journeys of 5 Americans from across the political spectrum as they challenge themselves and the people around them to rediscover the shared humanity and imagine a path towards a healed nation. Ben Rekhi alongside Erin Leaverton, one of the subjects of the documentary, join John and Ciaran to talk about the mission of the film, the stories behind it, and the challenges facing the bridge-building movement in a polarized world.

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“We have to be fair, human beings are works in progress… It’s going to take all of us reflecting on ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we still don’t have a problem for people that are different in this country.”

3 thoughts on “Presenting The Reunited States | Director Ben Rekhi & Erin Leaverton with Ciaran O’Connor & John Wood, Jr.”


    Great one! Blown away by Erin’s radical compassion. But especially important I found Ciaran’s bold ability to hold the bottom line for each side. The right needs the left to truly include them if they will be able to embrace unity, and stop condescending arrogantly and refusing to make sense of their needs, while the left cares deeply that basic facts are honored, and in particular that the election results are honored, just as they were honored 4 years ago. This is nothing that can be forced on either side but it felt so good to hear it spoken. Thank you Ciaran. Looking greatly forward to the movie.

  2. Sandra Christopherson

    Hi….I think this may be a duplicate comment. But the first one was sent before I could edit it. Please read this one too.
    This comment is for the discussion on the film , The ReUnited States.
    I would like to share that the link to the the shift to open hearted-ness is to acknowledge we all have the same 9 basic needs the at any given moment we are trying to get met.
    Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Non-Violent Communition-The Language of Life has a model for the building the bridges to each others hearts. His work will support this shift in a profound way. The Center for Non-Violent Communication has many resources. There are also many Utubs you can find on his work.
    Below is a vedio by Dr. Roxy Manning which gives a beautifully simple explanation of how and why his model works.
    I hope this is useful.
    From my heart to yours.

  3. Sandy Christopherson

    Regarding United States podcast:
    In my first email I forgot to express my gratitude for the work you all are doing to bring hearts to together. I’ve been following Braver Angels for 11 months, became a member and shared it with many people. And I think the film Re-United will be another way for people to understand the need to connect through opened hearted-ness.
    As shared in my last email, Marshall Rosenberg’s work is essential to that goal. It is rooted in compassion and compassionate giving which is attained by empathically connecting to self and others. That leads to the trust that allows for the opportunity to explore ways that everyones needs are met, leading to opened hearted-ness and hopefully more love in this world.
    I think there are many programs that use his tools for empathic connection to better relationship, manage conflicts and move people to engage vs disengage. But I have found that looking at his original work added a deeper understanding of how to manage that goal while we are living in our binary system. He explains what he means by that in a way which is unique.
    So, again, I hope his work will enrich yours.
    From my heart to yours….

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