Politics and Hollywood | Roxanne Hoge meets Lydia Cornell (with John Wood, Jr.)

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Lydia Cornell is an actress, producer and writer known for her work on shows ranging from Love Boat and Full House to Curb Your Enthusiasm. She is the author of the book How to Talk to Ann Coulter, If You Must. You may know Roxanne Beckford-Hoge from shows like A Different World and films including Father of the Bride II and Something’s Gotta Give. More recently, Roxanne was the Republican nominee for State Assembly in the 46th district of California. These two wonderfully talented women are full of passion and perspective in their politics. Sit back and buckle up as they pull back the curtain on Hollywood culture, challenge each other on their politics and share a lot of laughs and stories in this special episode of the Braver Angels Podcast. With John Wood, Jr.

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