The Ruby Rule: How More Listening and Less Labeling Brings More Healing and Less Hating

Arthur F. Coombs III | 2022
Posted in: Bridging Divides Social Psychology
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Have you ever been afraid to say what you think because of how others may react?
Is it possible to have differing viewpoints and still be friends with someone?

If you’ve ever:

  • had a disagreement with someone over politics, religion, or social issues turn into a heated argument
  • wanted to share your opinions without judgment . . .

. . . You need to apply the Ruby Rule—a new approach to elevating your communications with humility, humanity, and hope.

In this transformative book, best-selling author Arthur F. Coombs III shares the secrets of shifting your mindset from one focused on self to one focused on others. In seeing others through a Ruby lens, not only will you be able to effectively express your views and hold discussions without being controlled by your emotions, you will gain a deep appreciation for those who may challenge those views.

Being loud doesn’t mean being heard. If someone says or does something unkind or insulting, how do you respond? When you come to understand that each person is worthy of your respect and love, it’s a game-changer—for you and the other person.

With the Ruby Rule, you can heal from hard things.

Listen more, label less, and you will heal more and hate less. Revolutionize the way you interact with others by going ruby today.

Author proposes we progress beyond golden rule, through a platinum rule and achieve a ruby rule whereby we treat others to exceed their expectations.