A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution

Marianne Williamson | 2019
Posted in: Bridging Divides
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Marianne Williamson lays it all out: “We don’t just need a progressive politics or a conservative politics; we need a more deeply human politics. We need a politics of love. Love is the angel of our better nature, just as fear is the demon of the lower self. And it is love, not fear, that has made us great. When politics is used for loveless purposes, love and love alone can override it. It was love that abolished slavery, it was love that gave women suffrage, it was love that established civil rights, and it is love that we need now.”

The book is divided into 9 chapters where Marianne looks at politics, history, economics, the environment, race, immigration and education through her own special lens of love. Many will dismiss her as impractical and too “touchy-feely”, but I think that’s their loss. I don’t think any of us like how things are working today. A truly fresh perspective may just be the remedy we need for us and for our planet.

Here are some excerpts that particularly struck me:

“Our politics today is severely out of alignment with our decency, our love and our higher intelligence–but we need to more than just whine about that. We need to course-correct. We need to realign our politics with the angels of our better nature.”

“America was a country that had everything, was blessed beyond comprehension, yet chose to sell its soul to the highest bidder. We put economics before love, sales before ethics, and our government on the bidding block.”

“America has flourished most when corporations shared the fruits of increased productivity with workers and viewed their ethical obligations beyond mere fiduciary responsibility to stockholders……….corporations in America were expected to consider more than just stockholders to be stakeholders in the company. Employees were considered stakeholders. The community was considered a stakeholder.”

“A belief in separation is always at the root of a problem, and a realization of our oneness is always at the root of its solution.”

“We need to display as much conviction behind our love as some have displayed behind their hate.”