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Dreading the Thanksgiving Table

For the past two years, Thanksgiving has been one of the most painful times of year for many Americans. Even if we haven’t lived this story ourselves, just about every one of us has heard from a frustrated friend about their dread over returning home to share a turkey dinner with relatives.

An American Declaration

In June of 2018, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, 150 delegates, half red and half blue, came together to say that the era of polarization must come to an end. They issued a new American declaration, one that declares that the era of polarization must come to an end. That “We the People” not only must heal our nation, we can. They also adopted a set of principles and a program for ending polarization.

Why Come to the Table?

Immediately after the 2016 presidential election, in the thick doldrums of what for me and many of my friends was a genuine tragedy, I started to talk about empathy. I had been finding it tough to come to terms with the beliefs of some of the people I cared about in my life, but I was at least having conversations with them.

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