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Artist of the Month: Alvin Garrett

Alvin Garrett, Braver Angels Artist of the Month (November 2021)

Grammy-nominated songwriter Alvin Garrett was building bridges before he was old enough to know they needed building. 

Growing up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Alvin was the product of a school district that pooled  together students of all backgrounds and socioeconomic strata into the same classrooms:

The entire city was zoned for the same school system. The richest of the rich went to school with the poorest of the poor—the black, the white, and everything in between. I didn't grow up in a 'pick a side' environment; I grew up in a 'make it work' environment.

Alvin Garrett, Braver Angels Artist of the Month (October 2021)
Photo by Dontez Heard

That bridge-building spirit ultimately permeated every aspect of Alvin’s life, from the company he keeps to the music he creates. This conversation is full of beautiful stories—including one about a recent brush with discrimination and another about his father using barbecue ribs to create unity—as well as thoughtful insights about artistic identity and the responsibility of celebrities to set positive examples. 

Watch and listen below. Track with Alvin’s journey by following him on Instagram (@TheAlvinGarrett) or joining his mailing list ( Stream his songs on YouTube, SpotifyApple Music, or wherever you listen.



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  • Sam Cooke
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2 thoughts on “Artist of the Month: Alvin Garrett”

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  2. Loved, loved, LOVED this interview❣ “Thank you, Alma” for reaching out to this talented and empathetic artist on behalf of Braver Angels and “Thank you, Alvin” for answering that call! 🙏🏻
    As the two of you visited and we heard more about Alvin and his perspectives on life and relationships, I felt a deep resonance in what both of you shared.
    Alvin’s retelling of his childhood and his ability to relate to his classmates, regardless of the color of their skin or their socio-economic situation in life, reconfirmed my own upbringing and the values I was taught in my home. My sweet little Italian Mama, who came to America with my Dad, an ex-enlisted Air Force Soldier, poor Mississippi boy, and me ( less than a month old!) , speaking very little English , and Catholic to boot, taught my siblings and me the most important values in life.
    God is Creator, and all the earth His Creation; the most important, human beings as His children. And it was for this very reason that we were TAUGHT, had it MODELED and were EXPECTED to treat each person with RESPECT and KINDNESS, treating them as we would want to be treated.
    God chose to give each person alive their gifts, talents and potential to be shared with the rest of the world.
    We understood that we might not “like” everyone, but they were our brothers and sisters through our Father. We were taught to respect each Child of God because He loved them enough to find value in giving them life.
    I have a strong feeling that what I was hearing reflected in your conversation were some of these same values. 😊
    Thank you for the heartfelt love and service you share with young people, Alvin, through your “day job”; it sounds like a wonderful organization.
    Wishing you ongoing success with your music! I will definitely be checking it out.

    Blessings ~

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