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Braver Angels Podcast on LGBTQ Rights and Religious Liberty


Can gay rights activists and proponents of religious liberty build the trust and understanding needed to find common ground? Or is this divide destined to be a zero-sum fight?

Jonathan Rauch is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and a contributing writer at The Atlantic. He’s also a gay man who helped lead the movement to legalize same-sex marriage.

Glenn Stanton is the Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, a senior contributor to The Federalist, and an opponent of same-sex marriage. 

Jon and Glenn are longtime ideological adversaries — and good friends.

In this episode, Braver Angels co-founder Bill Doherty leads a passionate and candid discussion between the two men on the topic of LGBTQ rights and religious liberty in the context of recent Supreme Court decisions relevant to the divide.

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