April Lawson: Leading Braver Angels Debates

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April Lawson, Braver Angels board member and architect of the Braver Angels Debate’s program, sits down with Doug Sprei on the Higher Ed Now podcast (affiliated with the American Council of Trustees and Alumni) to discuss her compelling personal and political journey and Braver Angels uniquely uplifting debate program.

“It does not feel good to hate each other…there is a real hunger
for real conversation and for bonding with people who are super different from you.” -April Lawson

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1 thought on “April Lawson: Leading Braver Angels Debates”

  1. I’m 91 and live a very quiet life filled with Quaker Meetings, Al Anon and Yoga. I do not listen to TV or read the newspaper but do speak up about my concerns re money and how it seems to buy people via TV especially Fox News.

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