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A Defense of Truth | Jonathan Rauch with John Wood, Jr. & April Lawson


Author Jonathan Rauch is a long respected voice in American journalism on matters ranging from marriage equality to freedom of speech. In his upcoming book, The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth, Rauch explains the social infrastructure by which truth is protected, breaking down assaults on truth from the right and the left and exploring what we can do about it.

April Lawson and John Wood, Jr. join Rauch for this episode of the Braver Angels Podcast, chatting about cancel culture, the Trump administration, the idea of a “constitution of knowledge,” and the importance of speaking across the divide.

Pick up your copy of The Constitution of Knowledge wherever books are sold (, and learn more about Jon Rauch on this website (

Twitter: @braverangels, @jon_rauch, @JohnRWoodJr, @AprilALawson

Listen or watch the podcast below. You can also find it on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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3 thoughts on “A Defense of Truth | Jonathan Rauch with John Wood, Jr. & April Lawson”

  1. So sad I was excited about this talk. But after the Answer he gave to John about what do you say about the main stream media I gave up. I am a conservative but not a Trump fan. His answer about why they might get their facts wrong was weak. I do not think he is the kind of person that helps your cause.

  2. Teresa MacPhail

    I listen to this podcast yesterday morning and I have to say I was quite disappointed. Normally the Braver angels podcast are filled with balance and objectivity. When the interviewer began his statement that 70% of all Republicans believe Donald Trump is our right for president in 2021 I almost wanted to turn the whole thing off

    1. I was not disappointed in the podcast until I saw 2 comments from people who had a negative reaction to it. Would you be willing to help me understand your reaction? The statement “70% of all Republicans believe Donald Trump is our rightful president” … may be too high for June 2021, but is a percentage I have heard often. Is that a good example of what disappointed you?

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