Costs & Registration

Those whose applications are accepted and register are called delegates. Delegates will get to participate in all convention activities, including voting on our platform. 

Standard Registration is $550. This covers food, lodging on campus for three nights, parking, use of gym facilities, and participation in all convention activities.

For commuters who aren’t staying on-campus, registration is $450.

For students, registration is $250.

If you are in need of financial assistance, we have two ways to help cover your costs:

  1. Volunteer. For the first 40 delegates who are willing to commit part of their time at the Convention to helping Braver Angels with running the event, we’ll reduce your registration costs by $100. You can apply to be a Volunteer in your Convention Hub after your application has been accepted.
  2. Scholarship. We are proud to say that we have a robust scholarship program and that in 2023 we were able to financially support over 20% of our delegates who were in need. You can find a Scholarship Application in your Convention Hub after your application has been accepted, and support will be awarded on a need-basis.


Braver Angels Support