Wait, You’re Married?! How a Republican & Democrat Keep It Together | Barbara Thomas & Rick Hotchner with Mónica Guzmán


Barbara Thomas is a lifelong liberal. Rick Hotchner is a committed conservative. As a couple, they are one of a dwindling number of politically mixed marriages between Democrats and Republicans in America. They made a life-changing decision last summer to leave a diplomatic post abroad to depolarize America—one divided relationship at a time.

How do they stand each other when they can’t stand each other’s politics? What tips and tricks have they learned to always disagree but rarely argue? And what did they do when, during the run-up to the 2020 election, they didn’t speak to each other for days? Tune in as host Mónica Guzmán leads a frank and open conversation with a fascinating couple whose enduring relationship is a model for our country.

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3 thoughts on “Wait, You’re Married?! How a Republican & Democrat Keep It Together | Barbara Thomas & Rick Hotchner with Mónica Guzmán”

  1. I recently received an email from Lloyd Doggett telling me about his programs and views and goals. I asked him to tell me how he is working with the Republicans to help depolarize American politics and achieve these goals.

  2. Glad to listen to Barbara and Rick. My big takeaways: “Have the conversation about HOW you talk to each other about big disagreements. Try to understand people, not to change them… Toxicity is NOT inevitable” and you don’t have to engage with snipers. I will report on this and include the link in my daily Facebook Gratitude Journal tonight (October 7, 2021)

  3. Stephen Harris

    I, a liberal, just listened to this podcast and I have hope that I can work things out with my wife, who is Conservative. I particularly appreciated their talking about exchanging letters, which is something that my wife and I did in the early days of our relationship. I hope to start my first letter today. I look forward to listening to more episodes with Barbara and Rick.

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