The Accidental Anchor | Greta Van Susteren with Ciaran O’Connor & John Wood, Jr.

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Host of Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren, and former host of Fox New’s On The Record, Greta Van Susteren has been one of the most visible anchors in American political media for many years. But how did Greta’s media career begin? And what did it have to do with a Toga party in 1976? Hear Greta recap her whipsaw career in broadcast journalism, her time at Fox News, the one time Roger Ailes told her what not to report, and weigh in with her thoughts on media bias and what it’s like to interview politicians in this special interview on The Braver Angels Podcast. 

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1 thought on “The Accidental Anchor | Greta Van Susteren with Ciaran O’Connor & John Wood, Jr.”

  1. Dr. M. Patricia Bernbom

    So far, this is very disappointing. One more person glosses over the Donald Trump behavior when asked about the lies to the American people. She, like others, avoid answering and asking the hard questions. Donald Trump lied about the Corona virus. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand it, he did understand it and then lied about to the American people. and he is getting a pass on this. disappointed Greta and disappointed in Braver Angels.

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