Straight Outta the Black Bourgeoisie | John Sibley Butler with John Wood Jr.

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Professor John Sibley Butler (University of Texas in Austin), described as America’s leading black business historian, is “straight outta the black bourgeoisie.” Yes African-American history is riddled with tragedy and oppression. But this Black History Month, and every other month for that matter, Butler wishes to remind people of the long history of black self-sufficiency, community building, and prosperity in the face of oppression without which he believes any accounting of black history is woefully incomplete.

Professor Butler joins John Wood Jr. to give a history lesson in this first of three podcast series on Black history.

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1 thought on “Straight Outta the Black Bourgeoisie | John Sibley Butler with John Wood Jr.”

  1. Marianne Ward

    Honestly, I don’t know what this guy is promoting other than classism.
    What I hear is a hostile arrogance – “I am better than others.”

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