Social Media is Broken. Is the Answer? | with Ciaran O’Connor and Bill Ottman

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Bill Ottman is the founder of, a new community-owned, “open source” social media network that prizes privacy, transparency, and open exchange. Unlike Facebook, which mines your data to target you with ads, Minds does not monetize its users’ data and offers people financial credits based on the content they share. In this episode of the Braver Angels Podcast, Ciaran and Bill discuss how the structure of major social networks like Facebook has fueled political polarization, toxified our public discourse, and stripped away our privacy — and how seeks to become a more vibrant, democratic alternative that opens the door to a less radicalized user base and a healthier form of debate.

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1 thought on “Social Media is Broken. Is the Answer? | with Ciaran O’Connor and Bill Ottman”

  1. Sally Metcalf

    Hello Bill Ottman,
    I’ve really enjoyed listening to your interview with Ciaran on
    In it you used the words “displaying that consensus”. Transparent display is a terrific idea to consider. Have you seen Charles Minard’s famous map of Napoleon’s disastrous campaign in Russia? It’s renowned because that simple visual tells it all.
    Powerfully chosen/created visuals of crucial climate change (or any other) information would be so helpful to us all instead of having to wade through many articles to glean what we really need to know. Once a powerful idea is grokked (to use a great old 60s term), THEN we’re stoked to go fishing for more.
    Best wishes for
    Sally Metcalf

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