Processing the 2020 Election | with Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr.

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Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr., the original hosts of the Braver Angels Podcast, come together to discuss the 2020 election, its aftermath, and how we can begin to heal the nation, confront multiple crises at once, and build a House United in 2021 and beyond.

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3 thoughts on “Processing the 2020 Election | with Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr.”

  1. Claudia kirk

    As a leftie who tries to be open, I found this very interesting to listen to. john wood’s analysis about Biden’s speech about Charlottesville made the same point I myself wondered about – whether Trump’s statement that there were good people on both sides might have been misunderstood and edited and framed by those on the left to put Trump in the worst possible light.
    i responded to a poll on my phone that asked whether Trump is treated unfairly by the media. i said yes – and started to receive score of emails from Trump and allies. recently Newt Gingrich about “stealing the election” I am not a supporter of Trump. maybe I was naive to believe that some public affairs group would be involved.
    i appreciate the work of Braver Angels – wrote a letter to the local newspaper promoting your work. thank you.

  2. The problems we have are many fold and have been for a number of years. It can not be ignored that the most pressing problem is a president that is in total service to self. We will not change that.

  3. I am very grateful that this exists, moving forward and healing the divide will just not happen without initiatives like this. As someone who is very much afraid of what the Trump politics/era means, I learnt something new about his comments on Charlottesville… he does say not including the nazi’s etc. I never new that. So i decided to jump down the rabbit hole, but I’ve gotten stuck. Out of genuine interest, who were the good guys on the side of Unite the right? I thought it was organised by two neo-nazis? If I am correct then isnt Biden characterisation of Trump’s press conference accurate?

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