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Pop-Culture and Polarization: with Chloe Valdary


Listen to Ciaran O’Connor and John Wood, Jr. break down the political and racial divides alongside special guest, Chloe Valdary. Chloe Valdary is a writer and the founder of the Theory of Enchantment, a curriculum which confronts polarization through the use of pop-culture. Chloe’s written work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Quillette.

Learn more about Chole:

Twitter: @cvaldary

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1 thought on “Pop-Culture and Polarization: with Chloe Valdary”

  1. The theme of “love” came up on a few occasions during this podcast. I would just like to articulate a structure, or model, of love for your consideration. It is my belief that love is the fundamental truth of our existence. It’s expression, however, is suppressed to the extent that we are fearful (or are consumed by our various fears). To the extent we can reduce those fears (in the case of Better-Angels, a reduction of our fear of the “other” through structured one-on-one contact) then to that extent, our increased expression of love automatically takes place.
    (John, this is part of the conversation I was seeking with you during the recent convention)

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