Moving Depolarization Forward | Andrew Yang with John Wood, Jr. & Silas Kulkarni


Andrew Yang isn’t done challenging the way Americans look at politics. The former presidential candidate and entrepreneur is launching the Forward Party: a third-party effort to depolarize our politics through election reform.

Can it work? And what does Yang have to say about the sensitive issues of race that divide Americans? Silas Kulkarni and John Wood, Jr. ask probing questions from a red and blue perspective in this episode of the Braver Angels Podcast, diving into electoral reform tactics, polarization, and navigating race and identity in political discourse.

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2 thoughts on “Moving Depolarization Forward | Andrew Yang with John Wood, Jr. & Silas Kulkarni”

  1. Open ranked choice primaries will simply result in mob rule, which means the more anti-american people you can import into a district, the better you can do dismantling american culture and ideals, and the more free goodies you can propose to give to your constituents, the better you will do in an election.

    No, this sounds like something that could accelerate the decline and destruction of the nation.

    Why not propose state-level electoral colleges to alleviate these issues instead? Remove the power of mob rule, which was also completely abhorrent to the founding fathers. (Yes, the founding fathers abhorred literal democracy, rightfully)

    Mr Yang is looking at solving problems through a (big d) Democrat lens, or if given the benefit of the doubt, small d, which is nearly as bad. If he looks at these problems considering the view of the other side, I seriously doubt that he would come up with the same “solutions”.

  2. Ann FitzGerald

    Great discussion. I am a conservative Republican but can see the system is broken so have no desire to keep it. I love Andrew’s idea for more parties and ranked choice voting. Need more discussion on open primaries.

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