Ciaran O'Connor

Ciaran O'Connor

Ciaran O'Connor is the Chief Marketing Officer for Braver Angels.

A Politics of Love

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What are the underlying structures in our political system that enforce polarization? How have the profit incentives in our media ecosystem evolved to deepen division rather than communicate a shared reality? How has political corruption degraded our expectations of our leaders to the point that even the most brazen forms of self-dealing come to be seen as, sadly, par the course?

And ultimately, how can we move from a politics of hate to a politics of love? Braver Angels Chief Marketing Officer Ciaran O’Connor interviews Harvard Law Professor and former candidate for President Lawrence Lessig.

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2 thoughts on “A Politics of Love”

  1. Bravo! I am so excited about this podcast episode. For the past month I have been saying to anyone who will listen that we need to defund political parties because of how hateful they have become. All my friends think I’m crazy. I have been looking all over for those who might feel this way too, but having no luck. During Covid isolation and Black Lives Matter protests I have discovered podcasts and it has opened up a whole universe of information and conversation. I just stumbled onto Braver Angels and the first episode I listened to was this one with Lawrence Lessig. He’s talking about what I have been feeling and thinking for years! Thank you for giving voice to opposing the business and politics of hate. Thank you for identifying how counterproductive and destructive (and a giant waste of millions of dollars) political parties have become. I have been writing to all my government representatives and candidates, from the president to my locals, telling them I don’t want to hear about how they are going to “fight” for their parties ideas. I want to know how they are going to work with people who think differently from them. None have replied. I think they don’t get it – I can just see their blank expressions. I am all about a politics of love. I need more ideas about how we make this happen. Thank you! More! More!

  2. Gail Johnson

    Thank you for this podcast that gives me hope for creating a democracy representing the needs of all the people in our republic and the world. The ideas gave life to issues, such as the example of the gerrymandering reform with volunteers, and provide answers to the question of what’s necessary for us to build a society that makes liberty possible. While I agree that men and women of good will want a society where liberty is possible to afford the ability for the pursuit of happiness, in my opinion, corruption in the form of the hunger for power distorts efforts for the politics of love. I question the lack of more examples as Mr. Lessig discussed corruption. It lacked including past inside trader financial growth experienced by many of our elected officials in highest offices, which had to be addressed by legislation. I do believe acknowledging the other side without labels will lead to finding and celebrating common ground, thus restoring hope. I am grateful for Braver Angels. Thank you for bringing this podcast Ciaran.

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