What’s It Like To Be Gen Z in Today’s Climate? Two Zoomers Discuss | Isaac Humrich & Ope Tukuru with April Lawson


April Lawson hosts two thoughtful young people—Zoomers, as they’re sometimes called—for a conversation about depolarization, campus culture, and what it would take to bring more youth into the bridge-building movement. Isaac Humrich is a rising sophomore at Arizona State University and the incoming president of the Arizona State College Republicans. Ope Tukuru, a recent graduate of the University at Albany, just finished his internship with the media team at Braver Angels.

The guests offer surprising insights about friendship, which stereotypes about their generation are unfair and which ones hit the mark, and how it feels to be coming into adulthood amidst a pandemic, intense social justice movements, and a political world that feels increasingly unstable.

Twitter: @braverangels@AprilALawson@IsaacHumrich

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3 thoughts on “What’s It Like To Be Gen Z in Today’s Climate? Two Zoomers Discuss | Isaac Humrich & Ope Tukuru with April Lawson”

  1. I remember the classmate who challenged me to read Atlas Shrugged before dismissing Ayn Rand, the conservative English teacher who said there was hope for me yet. Still way more blue than red, but I believe freedom is a first-order value.

  2. Kelly Langford

    Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoyed listening to all of you speak so respectfully and curiously. A great example for us 40-somethings. 😉

  3. This was a fantastic interview! Thanks to April, and to Isaac and Ope for your honest and warm thoughts. On the question of pizza topping, I love to order a “vegetarian pizza” – with pepperoni on it.

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