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Feminism, Free Speech & Thinking Freely | Heather Heying with April Lawson


Many Americans are deeply concerned about the culture of shaming and silencing that some see as becoming dominant on college campuses and increasingly in major American institutions and cities. No one has more reason to be concerned about this than Heather Heying – former professor of evolutionary biology at Evergreen State College and noted member of the “Intellectual Dark Web.”But in this conversation with April Lawson, a conservative feminist and Braver Angels Director of Debates and Public Discourse, Heather confronts the tension between the need for civil norms in society and the pressure people feel to pursue social justice in ways that lead to quick progress. Heather and April explore issues of free speech, feminism, campus culture and social justice in this dynamic conversation between free thinkers. You’ll be wiser by the end of it. 

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