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Inside America’s Crisis of Belonging

07/26/2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

Host Organization: Braver Angels
Partner Org(s): Greater Recovery and Community Empowerment (GRaCE)
State: - National

** This event is open to the media upon approval. Media contact: Ciaran O’Connor,

Homelessness. Surge in suicides. Overdoses. Deaths of despair.

The headlines sound familiar—and overwhelming. But what is at the root of these crises in America? What can be done? And could focusing on these challenges help us overcome political polarization?

Join us for an intimate conversation with two people who will give an inside look at trauma and recovery in America. During Discussion, anyone with direct experience on this issue may comment, and anyone may ask a question of the speakers.

Richard Washington from Charleston, West Virginia, was incarcerated for three years after spending years struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and the effects of childhood trauma. He is now a GRaCE Recovery Coach and “a grateful believer in Jesus Christ.”

Mariah Prows from Lebanon, Ohio, is a factory worker, a recovering addict, formerly homeless, and has watched as friends and family members have died from overdoses and early death.

This We the People’s Forum is in collaboration with Greater Recovery and Community Empowerment (GRaCE), a grassroots nonprofit that focuses on training and networking Recovery/Life Coaches in a multitude of contexts. Recovery/Life Coaches model and instill resilience through focusing on strengths-based, trauma-informed healthy relationship building and leadership skills. Through listening, utilizing motivational interviewing, believing in the ability to change, being an advocate with the coachee as they discover resources, and helping the coachee discern and achieve goals, Coaches empower others to move toward success in navigating issues and challenges in a healthy and holistic manner.

About We the People’s Forum

In this Braver Angels forum, everyday Americans get time at the podium. After all, they are the ones who know the most about their own lives—people who are often spoken of but rarely spoken with, their stories little known but often misunderstood. We will hear their stories and ideas on the issues of the day. We’ll hear from people of all races, classes, and places. Together, we’ll explore how We the People can build a more perfect union in a divided America.

This workshop is a free event brought to you by Braver Angels as part of our mission to depolarize America. Braver Angels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We invite you to consider a gift to Braver Angels; all donations are tax deductible.  Your support will allow us to offer more workshops and debates with the ultimate goal of uniting America. Click here to donate.

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David Lapp


Host Organization
Braver Angels
- National
Partner Org(s)
Greater Recovery and Community Empowerment (GRaCE)

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