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Depolarizing Conversations About Race

07/25/2021 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Host Organization: Other
Partner Org(s): Monroe County United
State: PA

Why we need this workshop

  • Conversations between White people about race are nearly as broken as conversations between Whites and Blacks, often descending into “Just listen to me explain racism to you” and “Don’t call me a racist!”
  • Many White Americans have trouble sustaining conversations on issues such as affirmative action, police reform, reparations, and removing statues.
  • Conversations flare up and shut down, relationships become strained or broken, and a national path forward on race becomes harder to envision.

We need to change the culture of conversations about race, finding alternatives to the polarized and judgmental nature of these exchanges that tie our politics and problem solving into knots. This can lead to more productive conversations and joint action with people of all races.

The Goal:

  • Develop more skills for listening to others and expressing your own views on race in a way that leads to more productive conversations across differences.

Who Can Attend?

Any self-identified White person who:

  • Wants to communicate more constructively about race
  • Believes in the equal worth and dignity of persons of all races
  • Is concerned about our nation’s problems with race and wants to see progress through the productive work of people of all races

In addition:

  • A person of any race can attend, knowing that the focus is on White-to-White conversation

Workshop Format

  • The development of the workshop involved consultation with Black members of Braver Angels.
  • Participants do not have to identify their political leanings or their views on race
  • Skills developed are applicable to all – therefore there are no observers in the workshop. All participate in the exercises.

See you there!

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Brenna Bry


Host Organization
Partner Org(s)
Monroe County United

Braver Angels Support