Depolarizing America | ft. Pearce Godwin, Debilyn Molineaux & Liz Joyner with Ciaran O’Connor & John Wood, Jr.

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There is a movement underway to depolarize American politics. It is a movement committed to transforming the way we interact with and think about each other as Americans. And guess what? It is bigger than just Braver Angels.

John and Ciaran welcome National Conversations Project and Listen First founder Pearce Godwin, Bridge Alliance founder Debilyn Molineaux and founder of The Village Square Liz Joyner to a conversation on the work of building bridges over the raging floods of American division. Each of these social innovators brings a deep perspective and experience to this vital work. You’ll want to know their names and their stories.

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1 thought on “Depolarizing America | ft. Pearce Godwin, Debilyn Molineaux & Liz Joyner with Ciaran O’Connor & John Wood, Jr.”

  1. Andrea Molberg

    Let me audaciously suggest that you include me (author of the bestseller EMERGENCY KIT for FINDING COMMON GROUND: Helping Americans Get Along) on one of Braver Angels’ podcasts. Dangerously divided Americans are having trouble talking about policies and politicians.
    Having taught urgently needed skills, strategies, and phrases to thousands in seminars for Fortune 500s, world-class health organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions, I know they work — but only if people have them. I’m presenting some for the University of St. Thomas in a Zoom session 8/19. Bill Doherty encouraged me to reach out to Ciaran.
    Take a look inside at or provide an address, so I can send you a copy of the survival guide. With specific examples and tools like “Feel, Felt, Found,” it’s a great supplement to Better Angels’ workshops and useful for alliances. Thanks! This is my contribution to make a difference. 949-981-3980 Andrea Molberg, PhD Consulting Psychologist

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