Building the Beloved Community in 2021 | Rev. Adam Taylor with John Wood Jr.


In the 1950’s and 60’s the reverend Martin Luther King Jr. inspired a nation with a message of hope, aimed against the forces of racism, inspired by the philosophy of nonviolence and what he believed to be the moral and spiritual teachings of the gospel.

Is that philosophy relevant to today’s fights against injustice and our struggle against polarization? Reverend Adam Taylor of Sojourners (author of the book A More Perfect Union: A New Vision for Building the Beloved Community) has dedicated his career to pursuing social justice and democratic reform through principles of Kingian Nonviolence and what he considers the moral teachings of Jesus. Hear him and Braver Angels national ambassador John Wood Jr. talk about race, divides within the church, the legacy of King and the challenges of nonviolence in 2021.

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