Ciaran O'Connor

Ciaran O'Connor

Ciaran O'Connor is the Chief Marketing Officer for Braver Angels.

Why Support Braver Angels?

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I joined Braver Angels in 2017 after I’d worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
After the campaign, I wasn’t just upset that we’d lost. I was increasingly troubled by the growing political hatred in our society. An increasing number of Americans no longer saw their political opponents as simply wrong or misguided. They saw them as enemies. I feared the path this dynamic would take our country down, and I wanted to do something about it.

Like many people, I started with Braver Angels as a volunteer helping out with digital and communications. I joined the first bus tour, where we visited 10 states, hosting workshops and planting the seeds for Braver Angels Alliances. As the organization grew and I took on a staff role leading marketing, I realized it wasn’t just my responsibilities that were expanding — my respect and admiration for my colleagues on the other side of the political aisle were growing as well. I was building relationships across the divide and helping America do the same.

Braver Angels is the only organization in the country that’s actually bringing liberals and conservatives together to acknowledge, engage, and ultimately transcend our differences — to go straight through conflict to achieve transformation. I’ve watched us grow from a small startup to a national nonprofit powerhouse and a true citizens’ movement. And we’re just getting started.

Supporting Braver Angels is an act of both empathy and patriotism. I encourage you to get some skin in the game and make a contribution. Take a stand for your fellow Americans and the country we love. Help us continue the pursuit of a more perfect union.

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