VIDEO: Critical Race Theory – April Lawson

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Braver Angels on ABC 6 News

From their description:

(ABC 6 News) – Digging deeper into the debate over critical race theory to have honest and meaningful dialogue over what has become a polarizing issue about how we teach our students American history and current events. 

At its core, critical race theory started as a concept in the 1970s to critically examine the laws in our country as they pertained to issues of race and to challenge mainstream approaches to racial justice.

Fast forward 40 years and with the evolution of social media and the light speed of how information and videos are spread, a lot has muddied the water so to speak on how we now approach racial issues in America including in our classrooms and our communities.

Braver Angels, a non-profit that brings together democrats and republicans on issues that divide us. Their sole purpose is to help people better understand each other’s positions and discover shared values.


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“We have to be fair, human beings are works in progress… It’s going to take all of us reflecting on ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we still don’t have a problem for people that are different in this country.”

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