Understanding Nonviolence | Harry Boyte, Damien Conners, April Lawson & John Wood, Jr.

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The philosophy of Nonviolence guided the moral leaders of the Civil Rights Movement in a struggle for freedom and justice that inspired the world. Dr. King’s philosophy birth a vision for American society that still challenges the conscience of the nation. And yet the true substance and practice of Nonviolence is largely forgotten today.

How can we understand Nonviolence? How do we apply it in our current struggle? Veteran of the Civil Rights Movement Professor Harry Boyte of Augsburg University and Damien Conners, former executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, join April Lawson and John Wood, Jr. to talk about the philosophy, history and practice of Nonviolence to shine a light on how it’s moral power can be recaptured in the midst of our current challenges in America.

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