This Group Got Black Lives Matter And Tea Party Leaders To Talk. Can The Rest Of Us?

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By Megan Mertz, The Federalist

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, the growing divide between Americans was visible everywhere—in hateful rhetoric on social media, between longtime friends with different political affiliations, and even around the Thanksgiving dinner table. In some cases, two minutes in the voting booth radically altered relationships spanning many years.

Among the organizations working to repair these divisions is Braver Angels, which was founded in late 2016 and just held its second national convention June 20-23 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Braver Angels takes a different approach to the problem of polarization. It doesn’t try to change opinions; it simply brings people from opposite sides together to listen, combat stereotypes, and find common ground.

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1 thought on “This Group Got Black Lives Matter And Tea Party Leaders To Talk. Can The Rest Of Us?”

  1. Richard Heinrich

    I am hoping to complete the training to be a moderator this month. I heard from Bill Doherty about the tea pary/black lives matter conversation at the Convention. Are there any videos of the debate and other events from the Convention? I have scoured the website but can’t find anything from the convention except for news reports.

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