Ciaran O'Connor

Ciaran O'Connor

Ciaran O'Connor is the Chief Marketing Officer for Braver Angels.

“No Ballot No Buck”: A Trump Supporter’s Case for Campaign Finance Reform | Bill Fry with Host Ciaran O’Connor

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Bill Fry is retired Military, a Tea Party activist, and an avid Trump supporter. He’s also a longtime Braver Angels leader who is co-organizing “No Ballot No Buck,” a bipartisan campaign finance reform initiative in Ohio with his liberal counterpart Rob Weidenfeld. Bill talks to host Ciaran O’Connor about Braver Angels, Donald Trump, and working together to find surprising areas of convergence amidst a wider climate of acrimony.

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1 thought on ““No Ballot No Buck”: A Trump Supporter’s Case for Campaign Finance Reform | Bill Fry with Host Ciaran O’Connor”

  1. I appreciated having a better understanding of why someone would support Trump. Re 2nd amendment I would have liked to understand better how Bill thinks we limit his 2nd amendment rights. Trump says Democrats are going to take your guns but that is just not true. My family hunts. My sisters have weapons for self protection. I just think you should have to register your weapon (like you register your car), have to pass safety tests (like you do for your car), revisit those safety tests periodically (like you do for your car), and have red flag laws where Weapons can be removed if your mental health threatens others. And on racism, I think we are in a shift of moving from individual expressions of racism to structural ones. Is Bill aware of how the history of structural racism has kept people of color disadvantaged in housing, education, policing, incarceration, … I have to admit that I was uninformed until maybe 5 years ago too, so there is a need for education.

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