Is America Broken? 11 Secrets For Getting Back on Our Feet

Ted Wetzel | 2020
Posted in: Bridging Divides
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If you want a no-nonsense, non-partisan, short presentation of the roots of our divide, followed then by a pragmatic approach to restoring “united we stand,” and ending with real action items, then this is your book.  This book is essentially about hope for all of We The People, with a completely non-partisan approach.  The book is quite balanced and supported by 18 diverse collaborators, but with one primary author. The book shows (a) that we are not doomed, (b) that our constitution has a history of resilience and adaptation, (c) that it does not take rocket science to understand our “divide,” and (d) that there are real actions that we can do to restore a government of, by and for the people.