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Launching: The John Wood, Jr. Show


We’re launching a new podcast: The John Wood, Jr. Show, featuring Braver Angels director of media development, writer, speaker and former congressional nominee John Wood, Jr.

“On The John Wood, Jr. Show, I will be making the case for one America – a united country.”


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1 thought on “Launching: The John Wood, Jr. Show”

  1. I was disappointed by John’s podcast about “Critiquing the Heterodox Community on Race and Reason.” I’ve been in BA for 3 years now (I think). All the the speakers were on the same page and none of them offered any actual criticisms of the arguments made on the community. Their entire arguments were “we have all the facts and if you don’t believe them, you’re are a racist.” 40% of whites are willing to listen and become anti-racists the other 60% are unwilling to listen and hopelessly racist. Who are this angry Twitter clowns and why are they on the podcast? I’ve criticized BA openly for entertaining violent racists like Hawk Newsom (if you don’t give me what I want, we will burn it down!). I got no substance from this podcast. I would like to actually be challenged and learn something, to hear some actual criticism, but there was nothing to learn except “be woke or be an ignorant racist.”

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