James Comey on the Braver Angels Podcast

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What’s your reaction when you hear the name James Comey? If you’re a Democrat, maybe you blame him for the election of Donald Trump. If you’re a Republican, maybe you see him as the embodiment of a sinister deep state. Or maybe you see him as a faithful public servant who’s been unfairly maligned by both sides.

Either way, the former FBI Director has been at the center of some of the most polarizing moments in recent American history. James Comey joins Braver Angels’ Ciaran O’Connor and April Lawson to discuss his most controversial episodes — from investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails to being fired by President Trump — and to reflect on some deeper questions around moral philosophy, ethical leadership, humility, overconfidence, and personal tragedy.

The Braver Angels Podcast believes in the value of talking to people — and public figures — you disagree with, even if you find their views foolish, incomprehensible, or detestable. We don’t shy away from sensitive issues or controversy, and we never ask people to moderate their views. But we do ask people to come in good faith and approach our conversations with empathy, respect, and an open mind. 

The goal is to show America a new way of talking politics — one that you won’t hear at campaign rallies or on cable news — and invite all Americans, regardless of political persuasion, to find the courage to have these difficult conversations in 2020 and beyond.

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14 thoughts on “James Comey on the Braver Angels Podcast”

  1. Great conversation with Comey!!!A REAL human, smuggling like the rest of us to make the best decisions we can for the good of all!!

  2. First time I’ve heard Comey interviewed (I don’t watch TV news). He seems like a conscientious person. I would have liked to hear him speak a little about the Strzok/Page controversy and the overall culture within the FBI. I am a retired Federal worker, so for me their behavior was unconscionable and cast a negative shadow on the FBI.

    1. Randy, I thought the same thing. Like you, I don’t watch TV news, and this was the first time I had ever seen Comey interviewed. I learned a lot from it.

  3. A true patriot, a man who understands ethics and does his best to live by them. A man I would love to have fun a friend. I find myself pretty much what I would call “purple”.
    My concern is that the republican party seems to have changed to something I have trouble recognizing or feeling a part of.

  4. I wonder if the over 100,000 U.S. citizens of Japanese descent who were interred during WWII would agree with Mr. Comey that WWII brought our country together around our shared values?

    1. I would like to have asked why McCain was warned about Manafort when his campaign was considering him, but Trump wasn’t.

  5. Very impressed with his clear and concise answers. This helps me sort through a lot of information and put current events in perspective.

  6. What was the date of this interview? He claims that the Steele dossier had nothing to do with the opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. The IG’s report totally contradicted that, saying it was The essential element of the FISA request.

  7. Paul Courteau

    I am a Braver Angels member and I moderate Red/Blue events and chair debates. This podcast was absolutely inspiring. Thanks to both moderators and to the BA organization. I am proud to be associated with you all.
    Paul Courteau, Langley, WA

  8. helenbrickfield@gmail.com

    It impressed me with how thoughtful James Comey was – but I think he was in a “bubble” assuming that everyone has the time or interest to be a “high information voter.” I think it was naïve to feel that his decisions would not impact the election.

  9. I wanted to relisten to this interview, and in looking for it I ended up on the YouTube version. I was struck by the difference in comments on this page and the ones on that page. While those on this page reflect thoughtful responses, those on the YouTube page reflect the bitter divisions in our country that lead us to vilify and demean our fellow citizens. May our braver angels prevail.

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