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Braver Angels Library

How to Recommend & Review

.The Braver Angels Library is a place for members to connect over great books and big ideas, to deepen understanding of each other’s experiences and broaden our knowledge of the world. Members are encouraged to post reviews of recommended books or to recommend new books of interest to Braver Angels’ membership.

To review an existing member-recommended book:

  1. Log in with your member username and password. If you are not yet a member, join now for as little as $12 a year.
  2. Type your review in the box below the book summary. See Tips for Reviewers for guidelines.
  3. Library moderators may edit or remove reviews that aren’t in keeping with the spirit of Braver Angels.

To recommend a new book (members only):

  1. Submit your recommendation using This Form
  2. You may also email us at to discuss a recommendation. 
  3. Your recommendation will be posted following approval by one of our library moderators.
  4. Once your recommendation is posted, you and other members can post reviews of the book using the instructions above..
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