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We the People’s Forum

07/11/2022 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

Host Organization: Braver Angels - We The People's Forum
State/Region: - National

Is it time for a serious third party in America?
What kind of a platform could unite a big group of voters in a third party?
Could such a third party attract not just independents, but also strong conservatives and progressives disillusioned by the two big parties?

We’ll explore these questions with a fascinating lineup of first speakers: Andrew Yang, founder of the Forward Party and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate; Bo Copley, a coal worker/one-time outsider Republican Senate candidate; and Jerry Silberman, a longtime union organizer.

Then, it’s the people’s turn to speak!

Our speakers:

Andrew Yang is founder of the Forward Party. He was a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and a 2021 candidate for mayor of New York City. Named by President Obama as a Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship, he is the founder of Humanity Forward and Venture for America. Yang’s New York Times bestselling book The War on Normal People helped introduce the idea of universal basic income into the political mainstream.

Bo Copley was an unemployed coal worker from West Virginia when his exchange with then-candidate Hillary Clinton went viral in 2016. He then ran and lost an outsider campaign for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in the 2018 primary election, a campaign documented in the film, The Campaign of Miner Bo. A lifelong resident of Mingo County, West Virginia, Bo now works as a warehouse technician for a mining company and believes that voters should have more candidates to choose from.

Jerry Silberman worked for years as a factory worker and is now semi-retired as a labor organizer in health care. A registered independent, he has voted Democratic in the past but believes that the Democratic party has lost its way with the working class and that a new third party should try to build a diverse working class coalition.

We the People: that’s you and everyone else in attendance.

We the People’s Forum is a Braver Angels event where everyday Americans get time at the podium.

Here’s how it works:

First part: our first speakers talk about their experiences and ideas.
Second part: it’s We the People time! Anyone with direct experience on the issue is encouraged to talk about their experience, and anyone may ask a question.
Third part: we together explore solutions and possible actions to take.

This event is open to the general public.

** This event is open to the media upon approval. Media contact: Ciaran O’Connor,

About Braver Angels and We the People’s Forum

Braver Angels is a citizen’s organization that brings Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic. We the People’s Forum is a Braver Angels event where everyday Americans get time at the podium. We hear from people who are often spoken of, but rarely spoken with, on the most important issues of the day. Learn more at


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Braver Angels - We The People's Forum
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