Debate Internship Screening

Thank you for applying to the Braver Angels Debate Interns for Spring 2022! Outlined below are the remaining steps in the application process. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Program Assistant, Chandler Skinner

Out of respect for your time and ours, we seek to move candidates through these steps as quickly as possible. We expect the entire process from this point forward to take no more than 3 weeks and ideally 2 weeks or less. After completion of the Performance Task you will be notified if your application will move forward within 3 business days. After completion of the Final Interview you will be notified of whether you have been accepted or rejected from the internship program within 1 week.

The Performance Task is by far the most important step in the process and is graded by an objective standard. Scores of A or above are guaranteed a final interview, scores in the B range may or may not receive a final interview, and scores of C or below are automatically rejected. We have found that using a performance task helps remove bias and ensure any candidate who can perform the job well will advance to the final interview, regardless of background.

Because the Performance Task is the most important step, we give candidates the opportunity to speak with current interns before completing it, to answer questions the candidate may have about the task (or about the position or organization generally). Please do not begin the performance task until after you have had your pre-call with a current intern. Instead read the instructions over and begin to gather your questions for the pre-call. During the pre-call you will schedule an official time to complete the performance task.

  1. Download and Review the Performance Task Materials.
  2. Sign Up for a Pre-Interview 
  3. After the pre-interview, sign up for a performance task timeslot.
  4. Final Interview (Nov 15-19)
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