“Meet The Group Trying To Fix America’s Partisan Divide One Workshop At A Time”


Daily Caller

Sixteen people from both sides of the ideological aisle gathered Saturday for an unlikely experiment: learning how to speak civilly and trying to understand each other.

Better Angels, a nonprofit organization, hosted its 25th workshop, this time in a McLean, Va., church, aimed at bridging the divide between red and blue America in an increasingly tense political era.

“After the presidential election of 2016, it seemed to me at least, and I think some of the others, that the rancor in our public life that has always been there was going to get worse. Three weeks after the election, we had the first one of these meetings in Southern Ohio,” David Blankenhorn, one of the co-founders of Better Angels, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The group has since taken off, traversing America and hosting numerous city workshops in an effort not to push conservatives and liberals to rethink their beliefs, but rather to get them to re-examine long held stereotypes they hold. Those gathered Saturday came from throughout the country and ranged from college students to older retirees.

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